Fibrocem MC


Controlled expansion cementitious mortar for repairing concrete in thicknesses from 1 to 35 cm. Suitable for continuous immersion repairs and micropiles.


Code Color Packages Pallet Consumption Storage
414565 Grey 25 kg 1500 kg 20 kg/m²/cm of volume Shelf life of 12 months
in the original packages and
in a fresh, dry place




• it is used to restore and/or consolidate any concrete structure;
• pumpable also in immersion;
• by appropriately dosing the mixing water, the product can be used both to restore structures that have a slight slope, and for interventions where maximum fluidity is required, until obtaining a self-compacting mortar;
• concrete micropiles
• can also be used for casting inside a formwork, however always in maximum thicknesses of 30 cm;
• repairs and regularizations of reinforced concrete floors for vehicular use;
• product for professional use.


Mixing water 3.5-4 l / 25 kg
Max total thickness: 35 cm
Minimum thickness: 1 cm
High adhesion to the substrate
High resistance to sulphates
Self-levelling / Anti-shrinkage
High mechanical strengths
Pumpable for application in air and immersion


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