The Company

Founded in 1977, Opera s.r.l., started its business, did not imagine that today, it would become one of the leading Italian companies in the field of adhesives, sealants and technical building mortars.

The passion and professionalism that have characterized the activity and have brought the Opera s.r.l. to be a point of reference for all operators in the construction world.

Over the years, the Forlì plant, located in Via degli Scavi 19, has undergone several innovations and improvements, in step with the company’s products, the result of constant research into the best quality and ease of use

Opera Quality
Opera Mission


The strength of a group consists in being able to manage changes and always flexible to the continuously evolving markets.

Today more than ever our history is an important feature in the relevant market, still always looking at the future.

Our company has always relied on brevity, quality, efficiency and dependability, to guarantee your work.

Our daily work and the guarantee of our products are a starting point for newer and newer targets for us.


Istituto Giordano Certificate  n° 3203 Rev. 0r Quality Management System Certificate  and strictly complied with by the company specifies:
• Product designing and manufacturing according to the needs of the diverse sectors of the building market.
• Tests and checks on the raw materials, process checks, tests and final inspections on finished products, sample checks on stocks to
ensure the consistency with the defined specifications.
• Assistance, check of customers satisfaction, study of any non-compliance and corrective actions, improvement analysis.

The steady search for product quality has resulted in Opera s.r.l. being considered one of the most reliable and distinguished companies in the building sector in Italy and in Europe.

Our products comply with the requirements of the European standards and are continuously monitored by the inhouse laboratory, following every check step carefully and accurately.
Opera s.r.l. has obtained the UNI EN ISO 9001/2008 quality certification several years ago.

The EN classification is a code identifying the product according to quality standards defined by the European Community so that the product can be recognized by all the member countries.

The coding thus distinguishes the product characteristics and fields of application.

Bearing the EN classification mark brings the product to a higher quality level, as products not reaching min. quality levels are not allowed to bear the conformity symbolo.

Since 2000 the unified European norm with CE mark has become mandatory to guarantee the free circulation of building products in the European Community countries.

Opera Research & Development

Research & Development

Always committed to searching for excellence, we have created a perfect symbiosis  between the steadily evolving market requirements and our R&D department.

The result is the collaborations with the most renowned and highly specialized laboratories and study centers.

Our entire product range reflects such commitment and partnership, distinguishing our brand as absolutely reliable over time.

A steady commitment paid back with your trust and enabling us to follow R&D programs based on innovation and responsibility.

At Opera, our customers are our Company.

Eco Sustainability

In the latest years our planet has experienced an escalation of negative climate events.

We thus have a greater awareness for creating a range of products aimed at respecting and leaving a world better than the one we have found.

Opera is steadily committed into programs for producing its products with the lowest environmental impact.

Opera also carefully selects raw materials from suppliers close to the production site, so as to limit the emissions of polluting substances.

The supplies of varied aggregates come from companies distributing materials from building recovery.

Opera Eco Sustainability